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What Are You Thankful For?


2020 has been a whirlwind. Hasn’t it? COVID-19. Political Unrest. Economic Turmoil.

But tomorrow is Thanksgiving. And I believe evaluating what we have to be thankful for can be extremely healing in the chaos of 2020. Because no matter the environment we’re thrown into, I truly know and have faith that we have things in our lives that bring us joy and peace, allowing us to give thanks.

So, out of curiosity and also to encourage my fellow co-workers to think about the joy and blessings in their lives, I went around and asked them what they were thankful for without any other prompting or giving them too much time to think. In the moment and on the spot, here’s what they said.


“I am very thankful for my parents who have helped my son with remote learning this year. And I am very thankful for the love present in my blended family.”


“I am thankful that my loved ones are in good health and alive.”


“I am thankful that we have the technology and the capability to connect with people throughout this time even through we can’t be together in person.”


“I am thankful for a supportive boyfriend that pushes me to do my best every day.”


“I am thankful for Omaha welcoming me.”


“I am thankful for our growing Firm family. We’ve been able to add new people despite COVID, and it has been exciting to see everyone grow.”


“I am thankful for this wonderful position at the Firm, my amazing fiancé, my chunky cat, and my favorite tea.”


“I have been here for a bit over 5 years now. For one thing, I’ve seen it grow. And I am thankful I have been part of that. I have learned an immeasurable amount. I’ve been going to college the whole time. Cortney and everyone here have been really flexible; I’ve worked a lot of different positions. So, I am grateful to see this business grow. And I am grateful that when the pandemic hit, the business not only survived, but thrived against my greatest fears and continues to thrive. I am grateful for the diversity of the business. Until Jared was here, I’ve always bragged that I was the only guy working in this business. And I thought that was fantastic. To be around a bunch of really powerful women who are good leaders. So, I have a lot to be thankful for.”


“I am thankful for a lot: family, friends, and my health after COVID.”


“I am thankful for my coworkers who are always there to put a smile on my face. And my family who I am unable to see for Thanksgiving this year.”


“New beginnings and supportive friends.”


“I am thankful that my brother is getting out of the marines in two weeks after being in for over a decade and 7 tours across the planet.”


Going from office to office, hearing these answers, brought me a lot of joy. I am thankful that we are able to continue working from our building and that I am able to see my coworkers every day.

When I went into Anya’s office to ask her about what she’s thankful for, she flipped it around on me, saying, “Okay, your turn.” Also not being too prepared, this is what I said.


“I am thankful for the many ways I’ve grown this year. I think with the current situation of the pandemic, as well as graduating from college and moving to a new city, I’ve been challenged in a lot of ways. So, I am thankful for the people who’ve come along side me, and who have challenged me and seen me through that growth.”


I encourage you during this holiday, even if you are unable to spend it with family and friends, to think about what you are thankful for. No matter how big or small. Take time to rest and heal. Love those around you. Whether physically or through a screen. Give thanks. No matter how difficult.

From everyone here at The Firm, we are sending our love and blessings.

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