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The Firm Business Brokerage Announces New Website Launch

The Firm Business Brokerage is pleased to announce the launch of their new, brand-focused website.  In the pipeline for over a year, The Firm worked closely and diligently with Volano Solutions, the creator and host of the website, to implement an intuitive and fluid design for client interaction.  The purpose of the redesign is to give visitors a better understanding of what The Firm can do for them, and to give them a platform to digitally connect with The Firm. 

Created with business owners, buyers and trusted advisors in mind, customers are invited to set up accounts for a personalized experience.  Known as the Buyer Dashboard, clients will have a streamlined view of businesses that match their needs by specifying desired cash flow, down payment and time investments.  This lets buyers pinpoint the information they receive based on industry likes and dislikes, which is a significant advancement in letting them stay abreast of new listings and updates on current listings.  

“In our industry, it’s important to have the technology to connect with buyers, sellers and trusted advisors, and the options available on the market did not provide the customization that business brokers need for all the aspects of what we do on a day-to-day basis,” said Cortney Sells, President of The Firm.

The site also allows the current owners of listed businesses to see feedback regarding the buyer’s purchasing decisions without revealing confidential information such as the name, location or other identifying traits of the prospective buyer.  Sellers will receive a report card detailing this information, and will include why a party may have passed on their business, allowing sellers to address any issues buyers are finding with their business, and take corrective action.  It’s a tool that you won’t see featured anywhere else.

“It was time for our industry to take a leap forward, and our new site is certainly leading the way,” Sells said in response to the feedback feature between buyers, sellers and The Firm.  Sells and her team are looking forward to this improvement in customer service that puts The Firm ahead in the digital sphere

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