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Don't Let the Fur Fly: A Great Deal for Nebraska and Iowa Veterinarians

Consider your business exit strategy for a moment.  Most of us focus more on running a business rather than how we plan on leaving it when the time comes, but the end is just as important as the process of getting there.  You may not be ready to exit today, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a plan in place so you can exit when and how you want to? Jake Sloane and Frank Zhang of ZBS Capital are making that possible for Nebraska and Iowa veterinarians, and they’re offering an unprecedented opportunity.

Co-Founders of ZBS Capital, an organization focused on investing in high quality businesses, Sloane and Zhang have made it a mission to purchase 10 profitable veterinary practices between Nebraska and Iowa.  Astounding enough on its own, right?  Well, there’s a bit more to it.  The real kicker is that they’ve given themselves just two years to do so, and with 2016 just about over, they’re almost halfway to their goal, already having closed on 3 practices in Nebraska and 1 in Iowa.

You may wonder why they’ve chosen this rather unusual investment.  To sum it up, Sloane and Zhang were gifted with a substantial amount with strict instructions to invest in animal-focused businesses.  With each company they acquire, they expect to retain all staff, and are offering profit sharing for any practicing veterinarians selling to them. 

Since the plan’s inception, Sloane and Zhang have exclusively solicited The Firm Business Brokerage to help them in their search.  The Firm has been involved in all four transfers in 2016, and are ready to assist in 2017 to reach their goal of ten.  It’s by far the most unique undertaking The Firm has ever seen, and it’s an opportunity for veterinarians to sell their businesses without having to take great efforts to reach out.

For all you veterinarians out there, put your saddles away!  Leave the cat herding to these guys and get back to what you like doing best: helping the furry and feathered.

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