The Firm Deal Review magazine - June 2016

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Marketing vs. Branding

Jeff Reiner

All too often, businesses view branding as being interchangeable with marketing. This incorrect assessment can lead to failed marketing efforts and missed opportunities for success. Read More

One Uniform to Another

Maureen Tierney

Dan Warren has a knack for finding a good niche market, and chances are you’ll soon find the need for one of his businesses. The Lincoln-based entrepreneur owns two businesses, co-owns another and works full-time at yet another establishme… Read More

Leaving Main Stream for Main Street

Kathy Rygg

To own a business is one of the classic American dreams. But often the road to get there takes a number of unexpected turns. With patience and perseverance, the right opportunity can come along at the right time. Georgiana and Hassan Amoura… Read More

Complexity of Business Insurance

Aaron Stockton

Business insurance is one of the most complex areas of insurance that we deal with in our industry. It requires extra attention to the details of a policy. Most business owners have to carry a number of different policies to make sure the b… Read More

Turning a Passion for Art into a Business

Kathy Rygg

When you are passionate about something, being able to turn that into a viable business is ideal. Beth O’Hanlon’s passion is art. For more than 20 years she has been both an artist and a teacher. She is certified in art and gifted educatio… Read More

A Good Date Becomes a Good Business

Kathy Rygg

While Brandon and Brandi Kosek both attended college in Lincoln, NE, their favorite date night restaurant was Bison Witches. Years after marrying and moving to Omaha, whenever the couple were in Lincoln they’d love to go back to eat at thei… Read More

Approaching a Confidential Business Review

Kathy Rygg

One of the services provided by The Firm Business Brokerage is creating a Confidential Business Review (CBR)—a comprehensive look at every aspect of a business that would be of interest to a potential buyer. A CBR is much more than just a s… Read More

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