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Complexity of Business Insurance

State Farm Protecting Your Business

Business insurance is one of the most complex areas of insurance that we deal with in our industry. It requires extra attention to the details of a policy. Most business owners have to carry a number of different policies to make sure the business and employees are protected properly. There is extra coverage, endorsements, riders, etc. that may or may not need to be added.

This is why having an agent that is an advocate for you and has experience is a ‘must have’ to a business owner. Being underinsured can potentially be devastating for an owner if a claim arises and they are not properly covered.


"Having an agent who is an advocate for you, and has experience, is essential to a business owner."


I encourage anyone that is in the market to purchase a business, to look at the insurance history of the business they are purchasing. This can tell them a lot about what to expect with claims, workers compensation incidents, and can assist in discovering discounts. Take the time to get quotes, compare company ratings, and talk with agents early in the process so as an owner so you can make an educated decision on who you will go with as your insurance provider and how their policy will work when you need to use it.

We encourage business owners to not just look at quantity but the quality. With most things in life you get what you pay for, business insurance is not different.

Buying a business is an accomplishment and a big investment. Make sure you have an agent and a company that you can trust to protect it!  

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