The Firm Deal Review magazine - April 2018

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FirstLight Home Care: Owning a Purpose-Driven Business

Maureen Tierney

Building a great business is a lot like cultivating meaningful friendships: both are fostered through care, honesty, and commitment. For Jaye Firmature-McCoy, integrity is a vital component and, perhaps, the main ingredient. Read More

Loving Retirement: Celebrating Five Years of Enjoyment

Maureen Tierney

The trick to enjoying retirement is doing what you love. Sounds pretty simple, but for many business owners it’s a challenge they just can’t quite conquer. Someone who has spent years managing a company and its employees, may find him-or-he… Read More

Moving On and Moving Up: Seller & Buyer of Sioux City's Premier Mover

Maureen Tierney

In early 2017, Don Claeys had an interesting lunch. There wasn’t anything particularly remarkable about the food or the location, but the company he kept would help shape the latter half of his year. You see, Claeys met with the sellers of … Read More

2017 in Review: The Market is Shifting

Susanne Miller

As we move through the first quarter of 2018, it seems appropriate to look back on the mergers and acquisitions market in 2017. Overall, 2017 remained healthy quarter-over-quarter, with strong valuations and an all-time high in transaction … Read More

Working On the Business, not In the Business: Montanez Purchases Plumbing Company

Elise Turille-Barnett

When Mike Montanez decided he was in the market for a new venture, he had never considered owning a plumbing company, but knew he wanted to purchase a business as an owner-operator. Mike was at a junction with many options in front of him. … Read More

Firm Profile: Jessica Hughes, Experience Manager

Elise Turille-Barnett

What is your role at The Firm? I am the Experience Manager at The Firm Business Brokerage. I am one of the first people to speak with buyers and sellers after they have had an introductory meeting. Read More

Executive Impact - Forecast: What's to Come

Cortney Sells

The business-for-sale market has been seeing record growth in 2017, and the outlook in the first quarter of 2018 is just as strong. Bob House reports that in the third quarter of 2017 there were 2,589 small business transactions, a 24 perce… Read More

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