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Firm Profile: Jessica Hughes, Experience Manager

What is your role at The Firm?

I am the Experience Manager at The Firm Business Brokerage. I am one of the first people to speak with buyers and sellers after they have had an introductory meeting. I believe that being a great listener and having great compassion for our clients is important to the work we do every day.

What can a client expect from the team at The Firm?

What is most impressive to me about The Firm is that it is a comprehensive team atmosphere. You truly have a team of experts working for you, rather than just one person. Cortney will always support her staff and we will always support her. Our team approach is what makes us successful, it’s not something we are going to implement and work towards, it is the key to what we do. You have learned about many businesses in your time at The Firm.

What is one business that has stayed with you?

We are currently selling a highway maintenance & guard rail installation business and I never knew how interesting this business was until I learned about it. It’s a brilliant business and how he grew his company was awesome to hear about. I love thinking about who would be potential buyers for this business and how we get people excited about a Wisconsin guard rail and maintenance company.

From what you thought about this business to what you know now, what have you learned along the way?

Preparation is key, because the businesses we sell are from all over the United States and Canada and are in all industries. Every day is a learning experience and I prepare constantly. This is where outstanding customer service comes in, which is what we stand for at The Firm. We love problem solving, listening to people, and really getting a true understanding of what is important to them. Listening to [clients] is what makes us successful. The Firm has strong core values.

What do you love most about your brand?

The client comes first whether they are a buyer or a seller. The key is to be a phenomenal listener and being compassionate. [A business] is something someone created in a few years or over their lifetime. It’s their passion or their moneymaker. It’s their new venture or the start to their retirement. We feel a great sense of responsibility as it’s our clients’ futures in our hands.

What do you love about bringing buyers and sellers together?

I think what’s exciting about bringing buyers and sellers together is buyers often come in knowing what they want or we help them find businesses they are interested in. This means being a great listener. As far as sellers are concerned, we want them to feel comfortable, really listening to what they want, what they need, and who they feel is their great potential buyer. I enjoy my position in outreach because I help both parties understand the benefits of having a bit of wiggle room for unexpected opportunities throughout the process. The Firm has an electric company culture.

What is one great memory you’d love to share?

For 25 years I’ve been a cosmetologist – simply, listening to clients has been my life. I am using that basis as the Experience Manager – to listen to The Firm’s client’s needs. It’s very interesting that I am now at The Firm. Cortney always said that I’d be perfect for this career because of my customer service skills, my love of conversation, and my compassion. She always felt that those skills would be perfect for this career and I could not be more excited.

I love the team atmosphere and collaborative work environment that make us successful. I have known Cortney Sells for years and to see what she has built and how the staff wants to help her grow the company is awesome. She is a local entrepreneur who sells businesses all over the country and I have learned from her that just because you are in Omaha doesn’t mean that your parameters are set for you. You create your own future. THE FIRM

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