The Firm Deal Review magazine - March 2016

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What Tax Time Means to Your CPA

Jeff Cremers

Business owners should always have their business’s accounting and business records current and in good condition but this is much more important if the business owner is even considering selling his/her business. Whether you are retirin… Read More

Buying a Franchise Made 'Goodcents'

Kathy Rygg

When choosing a business to purchase, buying an existing franchise is often a cost-effective option. Start-up and build-out fees are clearly budgeted and proven, plus there is a marketing plan available to draw in a customer base. These are… Read More

Selling Her Startup

Kathy Rygg

There are a number of reasons as to why someone decides to purchase their own business. Some are looking for a career change, others want an investment to earn extra income. For Amber Cushman, she wanted to provide high quality child care a… Read More

From the Power Company to Men in Power

Maureen Tierney

It’s a specialized product made in small town Nebraska, but Jim Hanna and Bob Powers have made it work. The company they purchased in 2003, Tran-Tec Corp, makes heat sinks, which are aluminum pieces that siphon off heat from electronics an… Read More

A Change of Pace to Business Ownership

Maureen Tierney

With Baby Boomers retiring, many businesses are being passed down to the next generation. For a growing number, retirement is no longer a case of flying south for the winter, but hunkering down and diving into a new venture. Read More

Goodrich Veterinary Clinic's Success Exceeds All Expectations

Kathy Rygg

Success comes in many forms. For Dr. Sarah Mongon and Dr. Melissa Garner, owners of Goodrich Veterinary Clinic, success has come in the form of rapid growth. In less than s year and a half, their active client base has gone from 2,216 in Se… Read More

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