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Goodrich Veterinary Clinic's Success Exceeds All Expectations

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Success comes in many forms. For Dr. Sarah Mongon and Dr. Melissa Garner, owners of Goodrich Veterinary Clinic, success has come in the form of rapid growth. In less than s year and a half, their active client base has gone from 2,216 in Sept. 2014, to 3,861 in Jan. 2016, an increase of 1,645 active clients in only 17 months. And they are on a path to continue that growth for the foreseeable future.


In retrospect they wish they had made the leap to purchase their own clinic ten years earlier.


When Mongon and Garner purchased the clinic, they said they didn’t expect to draw a salary for some time. Within two months of opening, they were able to take one. Now, almost 18 months later, sales have quadrupled what they originally anticipated. “We far exceeded any of our expectations,” Garner said. They retained a large percentage of clients who were already patients of Dr. Goodrich post-close.

Mongon and Garner did make physical changes to the clinic as well. They thoroughly cleaned and painted the interior and added additional staff. They started with four employees and now have eight. They also hope to add a third veterinarian within the next couple of years. “We’re not the fanciest clinic in town, but we’re clean, have good equipment, and really good people,” Mongon said. “We really haven’t changed much from when we started 17 years ago, which is trying to be a full-service yet affordable vet clinic.”

Their goals for the clinic going forward are to continue to grow their clientele by attracting new customers as well as through referrals, and to ensure all clients receive the best care possible. Although in retrospect they wish they had made the leap to purchase their own clinic ten years earlier, they both feel the timing ended up being right. “We couldn’t have done it without our family, staff, and clients, especially those new clients who were willing to give us a chance,” Garner said. “We went through some growing pains, and we’re so grateful for everyone’s support.”


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Purchased: October 2014

Projected Sales in Year 1: $600,000

Actual Sales in Year 1: $1,000,000

New Omaha Jobs Created: 6

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