The Firm Deal Review magazine - September 2016

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Financing Options Available for Buyers

Brenda Gibson

Buying a business can be frightening for a buyer but, fortunately, financing the acquisition does not have to be. There are several financing options available for start-up companies, business acquisitions and business expansions. Read More

Purchasing the Perfect Business is Worth the Wait

Kathy Rygg

When purchasing your own business, determining what type is the first step and sometimes the most difficult. But for Derrick and Kaitlyn Reinhart, that was the easy part. Both have a passion for animals and knew they wanted to someday own a… Read More

When Great Food Turns Into a Great Business Model

Kathy Rygg

Opportunities often arise in surprising ways. When Brett Clure and his close group of colleagues and friends started meeting at Tanner’s Bar & Grill off 156th & Maple, it was simply as a social outing. They felt the food and service were fa… Read More

Opting for an Investment that Gives Back

Maureen Tierney

John Gilbreath knows a good deal when he finds one, and if his years in the boom-and-bust energy sector have taught him one thing, it’s to give back when you can. As a senior vice president at an Omaha-based capital management firm, Gilbre… Read More

Banking on Being a Boss

Maureen Tierney

Kirk Hoffman’s decision to quit a comfortable career and jump into an entirely different business was a nerve-wracking venture, but to hear him confidently speak about it is enough to calm any fears. After nearly three decades in accountin… Read More

Putting Moms on the Road to Success

John Jeanetta

As a child, Michelle Kaczmarek watched her mom live a life of drugs and alcohol. She and her younger sister often didn’t know where they were going to sleep. Read More

Helping Buyers Find the Right Opportunity

Kathy Rygg

Not every business is right for just everyone. Although some entrepreneurs know exactly what type of business they’d like to own, others aren’t as sure what might be a good fit. Rather than leaving it to chance, The Firm Business Brokerage… Read More

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