The Firm Deal Review magazine - September 2014

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The Weitz Company's Construction is Taking Off Again!

Chris Harrison

Everywhere you look the scrapers and cranes are moving in next door to your home and your office. Guys like me in the commercial construction business love it as it’s been several long years coming to get our businesses jump started again!… Read More

Setting a Trend

Anthony Flott

John Perlebach has always been big on small business. In high school, he ran his own snow removal business. He also worked at nursing homes his family operated and in college sold jet skis, four-wheelers, and other fun rides at a family-ow… Read More

A Positive Outcome

Connie Barker

Lori and Steve Stangl could almost look in a mirror and see Wendy and Barry Richey. Steve is a left-brained numbers guy. Barry is a left-brained numbers guy. Lori is a gregarious go-getter entrepreneur. Very quickly after they met, Lori was… Read More

Her Own Business

Anthony Flott

When asked about the genesis of Diamond Laundry, Jaye McCoy says, “We realized there was a niche there [in healthcare], especially for smaller offices.” Thinking back to the beginning, she recalls, “We did anything from a one-person doctor … Read More

Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Business

Rob Randels

Have you ever thought about buying a business? Many of my clients already own one or more, and many more flirt with the idea on a regular basis. Questions to ask yourself include, "Am I buying a job?" or "Is this an investment?" Maybe bo… Read More

Motorhead to Company Head

Connie Barker

Andy Oelkers has been a gear head and grease monkey since before he could drive the cars he loved. He was working at the co-op gas station in Cozad, pumping gas, changing oil, doing basic service work when he was 15. Back then, his primar… Read More

The Post-Labor Day Boom

Susanne Miller, J.D.

With Labor Day upon us, the business community is preparing for transition out of the summer slowdown. In both 2012 and 2013, the mergers and acquisition community saw a real Post-Labor Day Boom in deal activity. After summers filled with v… Read More

The Pros and Cons of SBA Lending

Marie Allely

Whether a person is just starting a business or has been established for years, a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan can help turn business owners' dreams into reality. The U.S. SBA 7(a) loan is the program of focus today. Read More

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