The Firm Deal Review magazine - December 2015

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Cash vs. Accrual Basis Accounting

Angeal Boone

With accrual basis accounting, you’ll recognize and pay tax on your income at the time you earn the income, even if you haven’t been paid yet. You’ll also deduct expenses at the time the expenses are incurred, regardless of whether you’ve … Read More

Developing a Success

Maureen Tierney

The Mastercraft is one of the city's most vibrant hubs for creative types, so it's no suprise that the space is also the home to some of Omaha's most innovative software solutions. Read More

Using GIS Mapping: Battlefield to Homefront

Maureen Tierney

On a day that changed so many lives, Joe Heieck made a decision that would forever change his. As a college student on 9/11, Heieck was compelled by that day’s events to answer a grieving nation’s need by joining the United States Armed Fo… Read More

Bartender to Business Owner

Kathy Rygg

Amanda Ransom loves being behind a bar. She started bartending at age 19, and even after exploring different fields in college, she found herself returning to bartending. Over the years she realized she finally wanted to go into the busines… Read More

Owning Multiple Complementary Businesses

Dave Palladino

When at networking functions I typically introduce myself as a serial entrepreneur. I have evaluated hundred‘s and owned dozens of businesses and have found nearly all businesses are seasonal to some degree. Some extreme examples are lawn m… Read More

Confidentiality is at the Core of Business

Kathy Rygg

Buying or selling a business is all about relationships, and at the heart of every good relationship is trust. It starts with establishing trust between the business brokerage and the client. That trust comes through both parties agreeing t… Read More

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