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Retirement Specialist Darrell Bryant Hosts Cortney Sells on KFAB

Long standing business owners have few choices when it comes to retirement, especially if they are living without anyone to whom they can pass the torch. Choosing between closing the doors, and listing the business for a price may seem obvious, but whispers of failure often associated with businesses marked for sale make it tougher than one might think. Having been privately transitioning business owner’s for nearly ten years, Cortney Sells, President of The Firm Business Brokerage, knows a thing or two about planning exit strategies. The industry expert will be teaming with Darrell Bryant, founder of D. Bryant Retirement Strategies, to share her knowledge and insights about starting that next chapter. Along with running a successful company, Bryant has also been a featured editorial contributor to Fox Business. On Saturdays at 11AM, Bryant hosts a segment on KFAB called Retirement Strategies Radio, where he discusses popular retirement issues and answers calls from the Omaha community. He introduces discussion topics such as Social Security, long-term care coverage, and life insurance - all things needed to plan for a comfortable retirement. Combining their knowledge, Bryant’s segment with Sells promises to be jam-packed with tips, tricks, and stories featuring the most strategic ways to plan for impending retirement. Whether you’ve been questioning the right time to start the transition, or you’re still at the top of your game, it is never too early to start thinking about your future comfort.



Darrell E Bryant is a securities professional who is both a Certified Fund Specialist (CFS) and Certified Annuity Specialist (CAS). He has been in the business of providing Financial Services for nearly 30 years, and is both a featured editorial contributor to Fox Business on retirement issues, and President of D. Bryant Retirement Strategies. Listeners can tune in weekly to hear his segment of Retirement Strategies Radio Saturday mornings at 11AM on 1110 KFAB.

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