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Lately, I have seen many women-owned businesses come across my desk, and even more women buyers. This exciting trend is not limited to businesses that are often considered to be “women’s work.” (e.g. pet daycares, florists, clothing retailers, etc.). I have seen inspiring stories of women who have overcome stiff odds and found success in fields that were once thought to be a “boys only club.”

This issue focuses on some of these amazing stories. Missy Delmont, who took over her father’s small trucking company and made it a roaring success. PhoxZee Elliot, who took control of her own destiny to find success in concrete directional drilling. Kirsten O’Driscoll, who worked day and night to make her auto parts distributor great. Even our “Ask the Professional” column highlights the knowledge of Angeal Boone, with a growing CPA firm.

These women have overcome enormous obstacles through hard work, perseverance, and sheer willpower. And now they are thriving instead of just surviving. I feel personally blessed to have known these women and help guide them on their journey.

I am excited to see more and more women buying their own businesses. Business ownership is a wonderful thing because it provides a person with freedom and control over their careers and their lives. I hope these women and their stories will continue to inspire the next generation of female entrepreneurs, the same way they inspire me.


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