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Niche Fabrication & Manufacturing with More Than $11M in Collateral

Strong year over year growth with diverse reoccurring clients!



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    22: 5 Supervisors, 1 Shipping Manager, 3 Quality Control Techs, 2 Shipping/Receiving, 1 Office Admin, 5 Set Up Operators, 5 Machine Operators

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This niche fabrication & manufacturing company is boasting strong year over year growth with their diverse reoccurring client base. Included with the purchase is over $11M in assets, which over-collateralizes the bank loan by $1.9M! Their clients include a wide range of industries including agriculture, automotive, electrical, medical, lawn & garden, and government. For these clients, they are manufacturing industrial springs, wire forms, and stamping. There was more than 20 million products produced last year! The breakdown of revenue is 42% wire forms, 31% springs, 21% stamping, 4% assembly, 2% misc. Based in the Toronto area, they service both domestic and international clients. Their primary international clients are the United States and Mexico. Combined, revenue from these countries make up 26% of revenue. Their upgraded facility is 46,900 sq. ft. and was built in 2006 to allow for growth. The team of 22 is made up of 5 Supervisors, 1 Shipping Manager, 3 Quality Control Techs, 2 Shipping/Receiving, 1 Office Admin, 5 Set Up Operators, and 5 Machine Operators, not including the owners. The owners are selling as a method of retirement planning, but they are happy to stay on board for 2-4 years post-close to ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Priced at $9,565,000 this business offers prospective buyers the opportunity to not only purchase a business, but a legacy. In addition to their referral gathering reputation, growth opportunities for new ownership could include implementing or expanding marketing and advertising tactics. The sellers have offered 10% seller financing which shows a vested interest in the business’s continued growth and success in years to come.

**The Firm Advisors is a consultant to the owner. The Firm Advisors does not represent real estate, nor provide accounting services. The Firm Advisors solely advises on exit strategy planning.



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