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New Tax Credit Passed: Solar Power & Energy Industry will Skyrocket

Solar Power Equipment Sales and Coordination – No Installation!



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    6 core employees: 1 project manager, 1 project coordinator/admin worker, 2 business development representatives, 1 sales manager/outside sales representative, and 1 outside sales rep. All labor work is handled by subcontractors.

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This solar energy business sells solar power equipment and coordinates installation, they do not self-perform any installation labor. At the moment, they have over $3MM in backlog projects expected to be completed in 2022 and 2023. The owner of this establishment is willing to roll equity of 15% plus offer a 10% promissory note! This shows a vested financial interest in the business’s continued success after sale as the industry average is a total of 10% seller financing. In addition to this, to ensure the continued success of the business, the seller is willing to offer a 1–3-year transition/training period. The current team includes 6 core employees: 1 project manager, 1 project coordinator/client liaison, 2 business development associates, 1 sales manager, and 1 outside sales rep.


Due to their business model, they can work with commercial businesses, industrial municipalities, agricultural farms, nonprofit organizations, and schools. The minimal size of this team and installation strategy have helped keep the overhead costs low by allowing them to operate out of a modest 4,200 square foot office space with very minimal equipment CapEx while allowing them to operate in Missouri, Iowa, Kansas, and Illinois with the potential for regional expansion with emphasis on municipal contracts. In August of 2022, the Senate passed a bill that would provide major tax credits for renewable energy which would directly benefit the new owner. Additionally, the continued push for green energy will call for organic growth in this industry.


Priced at $8,100,000 this business has a great outlook when it comes to scalability as well as vertical growth! A new owner will have everything needed to allow this business to continue to succeed including a diverse client base, a reliable staff, a passionate owner ready to offer years of experience, and continual organic and driven growth opportunities.


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