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Engineering Firm w/ 50+ Professionals

Focused on transit and government contracts!



  • Price

  • Revenue

  • Cash Flow

  • Profit Margin

  • Account Receivable

  • Location
    Greater Toronto Area

  • Equipment

  • Employees
    50: Professional engineers, architects, subject matter experts, software engineers, surveyors, accounting, administration

  • Intangible Assets
    Knowledgeable team, wide-ranging services creating a centralized option for customers, trust partner for government contracts


Located in beautiful Toronto, this engineering consulting firm has solid long-term relationships with their clients throughout Canada.  Their specialties include vibration and noise monitoring, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring, architectural and multi-engineering design-consulting services.  Taking on large, long-term projects for transit authorities, governmental organizations, and general contractors, this company has wide-ranging capabilities creating a consolidated resource for customers to meet their project goals. A focus of the company is on transit systems including tunneling, subway, rail and subway stations, bridges, sewer and water infrastructure, and highways. Their 50 personnel include professional engineers, architects, subject matter experts, software engineers, surveyors, accounting, and administration.


 The owner of this business currently oversees operations and is a reliable and very knowledgeable resource for employees.  The owner manages the strong growth trajectory and supports positive client relationships.  Earning over $5.6MM in revenues, the profit margin for 2018 was 34%.  To continue the progression, one could consider offering commissions to the sales team to boost external relationships networking and earning additional contracts.  


Operations are managed from the 10,000 square foot headquarters located in the Greater Toronto Area. The knowledgeable team includes professional engineers, vibration and noise experts, architects, specialists, project managers, software engineers, surveyors, as well as administrative staff. 


Business Highlights

  • Year Established: 2005
  • Location:  Greater Toronto Area
  • Services: Full-service engineering including civil, geotechnical, hydrogeological, architectural, noise and/or vibration testing, ground and material testing 
  • Clients: Transit authorities, government, general contractors, subcontractors
  • Lease: 10,000 sq. ft.: Offices, conference rooms, open work areas, IT room, break room, restrooms, storage
  • Reason for Selling: 1 year 
  • Personnel: 50: Professional engineers, architects, subject matter experts, software engineers, surveyors, accounting, administration
  • Seller Training Period: As negotiated
  • Growth Opportunities: Encourage sales by offering commissions to sales team
  • Current Owner’s Responsibilities: Oversight

Financial Highlights

  • List Price: $8,050,000
  • Gross Sales:
    • 2020: $4,484,870
    • 2019: $4,558,598
    • 2018: $5,617,556
    • 2017: $4,361,920
  • Cash Flow:
    • 2020: $1,369,384
    • 2019: $1,148,574
    • 2018: $1,949,052
    • 2017: $1,479,622
    • 2016: $1,300,287
  • Assets Included in Purchase*
    • Equipment: $750,000: Furniture, fixtures, equipment
    • A/R: $1,500,000
    • Intangible Assets: Knowledgeable team, wide-ranging services creating a centralized option for customers, trust partner for government contracts

*amounts may vary, assets may be depreciated, replacement cost, or fair market value 

Cash Flow Analysis

Description of Financial StatementP&L StatementP&L StatementP&L StatementP&L StatementP&L StatementNotes
GROSS SALES$2,242,435$4,558,598$5,617,556$4,361,920$3,702,850
Net Income Shown on Financial Statement$659,759$1,087,814$1,745,272$1,323,047$1,163,707
Meals & Entertainment$4,507$8,396$23,965$11,568$5,782
Cell Phone$150$300$300$300$300$25/month
Donation $200$2,300$0$0$0
Auto $20,076$49,764$55,803$36,784$39,897
TOTAL ADDBACKS$24,933$60,760$203,780$156,575$136,580
Seller's Cash Flow = Total Addbacks + Net Income$684,692$1,148,574$1,949,052$1,479,622$1,300,287
Profit Margin30.53 %25.20 %34.70 %33.92 %35.11 %
  • Profit Margin 2019: 25%


  • Transit authorities
  • Government
  • General contractors
  • Subcontractors

Specific information regarding clients is available upon the receipt of a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement.


  • Full-service engineering including civil
  • Geotechnical
  • Hydrogeological
  • Architectural
  • Noise and/or vibration testing
  • Ground and material testing


Total personnel: 50

  • 12 Professional engineers
  • 3 Architects
  • 6 Engineering designers and drafters
  • 3 Subject matter experts
  • 2 Software engineers
  • 18 Field surveyors
  • 3 Administration
  • 1 Accounting
  • 1 Safety officer
  • 1 Lab technician

Growth Opportunities

  • Encourage sales by offering commissions to sales team


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